Entry #5

Prank Calls

2008-12-28 11:51:08 by herblin

So I started making prank calls for newgrounds.
Been to lazy to do flash, don't really want to put it in the audio portal because noone will ever really see them that way.

They're decently funny.


Kind of strange. I don't know I have regular people I call all the time.
If you or anyone you know wants to help me animate a few of them let me know eh?


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2009-03-13 17:33:30

i saw it its awesome wats ur newest flash called again?


2009-04-26 00:38:40

Are you making a call for Pico day?


2009-04-26 00:39:26

Are you making a *flash* for Pico day?


2009-05-08 21:10:22

Your fucking retarted.

herblin responds:

Theirs a black person in mah family